What We Do

Edgewater Partners


Edgewater Partners is a strategic consulting firm that helps business bridge the gap between state governmental action, politics, and the law. Our mission is to use our experience to provide strategic advice and assistance for clients seeking solutions to complex problems. Edgewater Partners meets its clients’ objectives by obtaining essential and relevant intelligence, assessing the risk to the business and then developing and executing a proactive strategy which minimizes the impact on your business plan. We also provide advice and assistance on how to enhance relationships with key stakeholders to meet the business objectives of our clients. Through their association with Edgewater Partners, our clients will be in a key position to further enhance their business development efforts while minimizing risk to their business. Whether your interests are affected by State Legislatures, Governors, or Attorneys General, Edgewater Partners will devise strategies that are necessary to preserve, maintain and augment your business.


A New Age for Business


The line between the public and private sectors is becoming increasingly blurred. Never before have business, government, and the law been as interdependent as they are in the 21st century. This interdependence poses new challenges for the modern business. This era is also an age of unprecedented standards for corporate responsibility. Government-imposed guidelines can dramatically impact a business’ success. The challenges are even greater for multi-state operations. Businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions must adapt their business models to meet different regulations imposed by different states. As a result, companies can no longer afford to employ a singular strategy that focuses exclusively on the federal government. In the last decade, states, led by aggressive Attorneys General, have actively investigated and filed cases against almost every business sector.

Rather than facing these challenges alone, Edgewater Partners will assess the risk to our clients’ business and then provide a plan for our clients to minimize the impact of state enforcement and regulatory action on their operations. In addition, Edgewater Partners has extensive experience in navigating multi-state investigations by Attorneys General, specifically advising clients on the political, legal and public policy matters that arise during these complex state inquiries.

              Edgewater Partners also provides strategic assistance to clients with introductions and other marketing activities to potential major customers in their sector. Through their association with Edgewater Partners, our clients will enhance their business development efforts.

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